Top General Quiz Questions in English


Top General Quiz Questions in English


General Quiz Questions


1. What was considered to be the first opera to be performed?
Answer: Daphne.

2. What Is cosmic year?
Answer: The revolution of the solar system around the centre of the Milky Way is called cosmic year. Time taken for one revolution is 250 million years.

3. What name did painter Jerome van Aken adopt to celebrate Hertogensbosch, the Dutch town in which he was born?
Answer: Hieronymus Bosch.

4. Which type of embryo sac is most commonly reported?
Answer: Polygonum-type.

5. How many blue triangles are there on a Union Jack?
Answer: Eight.

6. H20 is a liquid, but H2S is what?
Answer: Gas.

7. On what mountain did the ark come to rest after the Flood?
Answer: Ararat.

8. Name the speculator in a’ stock exchange who tries to decrease the price of securities:
Answer: Bear speculator.

9. What event of 1453 is thought to have contributed substantially to the renaissance of learning and art in western Europe?
Answer: The fall of Constantinople to the Turks.

10. URL stands for:
Answer: Uniform Resource Locators.

11. What was the follow-up series to the TV comedy Fresh Fields?
Answer: French Fields.

12. The collector current is less than the:
Answer: Emitter current.

13. Which president was succeed upon his resignation by Gerald R. Ford?
Answer: Richard Milhous Nixon.

14. Which is a major aspect of human activity responsible for environmental degradation?
Answer: Over exploitation.

15. What do you call a grouping of baboons?
Answer: A troop of baboons.

16. Who forwarded in his book this motto: “The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers”?
Answer: Richard W. Hamming.

17. Where in the US is the “Petrified Forest”?
Answer: Arizona.

18. Properties of ecofriendly note book computer:
Answer: Biodegradable. If it winds up in a landfill, it breaks down the plastic, converting it into Carbon dioxide and water.

19. What is the origin of the name “America”?
From Amerigo Vespucci, famous 15th century explorer.

20. What was the estimate of USA about the road accident in the year 1982?
Answer: About 44,000 persons were killed and 3 million were injured.


Basic Quiz Questions in English


21. King Philip II of Macedonia was assassinated in 336 B.C. and was succeeded by his son. Who was he?
Answer: Alexander the Great.

22. Under whose leadership India started its space research?
Answer: Vikram Sarabhai.

23. Who designed Oscar Statuette and how big is it?
Answer: MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayor) art director Cedric Gibbons designed the J 3 inches tall gold-plated metal statuette weighing 8 pounds.

24. How many projectors are used in “Cinerama”?
Answer: Three.

25. When was the League of Nations founded?
Answer: On January 10, following the Paris Conference, as part of the Treaty of Versailles.

26. When was the Nobel Prizes first awarded?
Answer: 1901.

27. Name the athlete from India who participated in five successive Asian Games
Answer: 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994 & 1998): (P.T. Usha.

28. What is the size of a football field?
Answer: Minimum -100 x 50 yards and maximum -130×100 yards.

29. Where did Cricket Originate?
Answer: In Broadhalfpenny Down, England.

30. Name the person who have been believed as the originator of Modern Tennis?
Answer: Walter Clopton Wingfield (England).

31. What is the meaning of intransigence?
Answer: Stubbornness.

32. Which organ is mainly involved in the detoxification of animals and human beings?
Answer: Liver.

33. Under this belts, the earths crust is thickest. Name the belts:
Answer: Phanerozoic orogenic belts.

34. Epithelial cells adhere to one another with considerable force, this is due to small bodies called:
Answer: Desmosomes.

35. In which year Alexander invaded India?
Answer: In 326 B.C.

36. When did the Barbarian conquer Rome?
Answer: A.D. 455.

37. The emperor of France who said. “After me the deluge”:
Answer: Louis XIV.

38. The Cuban president since 1959:
Answer: Fidel Castro.

39. The first country where Agriculture was practiced.
Answer: Thailand in Asia.

40. The wars between Rome and Carthage were known as:
Answer: Punic Wars (B.C. 264-241).

41. How many kings named George have there been on the British throne?
Answer: Six.

42. The Age of Earth?
Answer: About 4600 million years.

43. What divides Asia from North America?
Answer: Bering Strait.

44. Another name for Cambodia:
Answer: Kampuchea.

45. What are the crossing points at the narrowest portion of the English Channel?
Answer: Dover and Calais.

46. Through which country does the greater part of the Nile flow?
Answer: Sudan.

47. Which is the biggest Canadian island?
Answer: Baffin.

48. Which country is South America’s biggest rubber producer?
Answer: Brazil.

49. Which river basin of Australia is the largest producer of wheat?
Answer: Murray-Darling River Basin.

50. What name is given to a sledge drawn by dogs?
Answer: Huskies.

51. Who first raised fears of a World Food shortage?
Answer: Thomas Robert Malthus.


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