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Our essays are written in such a way that they connect with readers at an emotional and personal level. They use rhetorical appeals in order to get their point across, while maintaining a tone that is academic and formal.

Sample Essays:

  • Essay on Hobby
  • Essay on Cleanliness
  • Essay on Wonder of Science
  • Essay on Importance of Trees

You can find essays on many topics, and while they differ in length, generally the most important elements are: introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The introduction sets the tone of the essay as well as introduces the topic. The body consists of paragraphs that present evidence and make a solid argument for your chosen side of an argument or position. Finally, if you have a point that can’t be logically backed up by evidence or with an illustration from your life experience, you might want to include a conclusion which summarizes what you’ve said.

Quiz questions

Our quiz questions are designed to test your understanding of the material. They are not designed to give you easy points; they are written to push you to learn.

Sample Quizzes:

  • Math Quiz Questions and Answers
  • Environment Quiz Questions and Answers
  • Electronics Questions and Answers
  • Geography Quiz Questions Answers
  • Olympics Questions and Answers

General Knowledge

Our general knowledge section is filled with questions about events both past and present, and information about topics that uniquely interest our readers. These are questions that you will likely find on an exam, so reading this will help you to prepare. General knowledge is divided up into many different categories, including geography, history, science and more.

Interactive Practice Questions

Now each question comes with multiple choice answers which give you more options on how to respond. These answers may help you to answer the question, but if you can’t figure it out, we’ve given you many comments which can provide additional insight for you. These questions are fully interactive and have a built-in timer so after you get your answer, the exam will automatically pause for three minutes before starting again.

Trivia quiz

Our trivia quiz will test your knowledge of various topics and you’ll be scored on how many you get right. This is to make sure you are prepared for the exam, and will help prepare you to use critical thinking skills. Trivia quizzes are fun to do, and it’s quite possible that you’ll learn a thing or two by answering these questions, but they aren’t designed to be overly difficult.

Sample Trivia Quizzes:

  • Harry Potter Quiz Questions Answers
  • Music Trivia Questions and Answers
  • Science Trivia Questions and Answers
  • Greek Mythology Trivia Questions

Facts about a wide variety of topics

Our facts section is split up into several categories, so you can click on the one which most interests you and start reading! These are facts about a variety of subjects, including history, science, animals, health, sports and more! This is in addition to our essay section for more reading practice.

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